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27 September 2009 @ 08:36 pm
→ Rules  
Yes, there are different sets of rules depending on what kind of resource I’m sharing. It doesn’t take long to read and, if you’re used to LJ communities and common courtesy, you won’t find anything you don’t already know.

→ Credit arashi_no_hi when using.
→ DON’T claim my graphics as yours.
→ DON’T alter/edit them without my permission.
→ DON’T hotlink, as my bandwidth is limited.
→ Comments are ♥!

How to credit:

→ Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.
→ Don’t claim as your own.
→ You can use them to make graphics/picspams/etc.
→ You’re highly encouraged to translate interviews, but please tell me so I can link back to your post. ♥
→ Don’t steal, don’t repost my links, etc.
→ Don’t reupload or redistribute without my permission.

This community is Members ONLY, which means you can see the entries only if you join.
Each entry will stay public for a week, then it will be locked.
Membership is OPEN, so you can join or leave freely. I'd like it to stay open, so please follow the rules.

→ You can join by clicking JOIN.
→ To watch this community, click HERE.

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